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Importance of Foot Support – Why Movi is different

Proper body support is always critically important in seating. Foot support is an area that is often overlooked in designs where the feet must be raised off the floor in order to transport. Approximately 20% of a person's weight is normally supported by the feet in a seated position. Movi's patented footrests move in unison with the seat. As the patient reclines, the footplates move with the seating surface to promote optimal posture and comfort. As the chair is raised for entry/exit, the footrests move firmly flush to the ground. This patented feature reduces the risk of patient falls and eliminates the need for staff to reach down to contact the footplates.

The ANA and the VA are behind national initiatives to limit “unassisted” lifting to 35lbs. Many conventional transport events may require the staff lifting the patient's legs onto the footrests. As the chart below illustrates, a 200 lb. person has a 40 lb. leg. Because staff generally always lift a patient's leg without assistance, this “violation” is performed hundreds of times a day in major hospitals – most likely without any recognition that this act is in violation of leading protocols and “proper” lifting techniques.

Movi allows for a safer experience for both patients and staff through proper foot support with flush to floor footrests that are designed to reduce the risk of falls and eliminate the need for staff to lift legs for loading.



Movi’s flush to floor footrests reduce the risk for falls and injury associated with lifting. Nursing employees suffer more injuries than almost any other occupation - more than police officers, firefighters or construction workers. Nurses lift an average of 1.8 tons every shift. That equates to a hippo a day.